How Things Work: Booking a room at Taramani Guest House

-By Teertha Raj


All too often, we find ourselves gritting our teeth over (seemingly) indecipherable bureaucratic insti procedures for simple things, like booking rooms at Taramani Guest House or adding extra courses. T5E brings you How Things Work, to make your insti life easier. From how to get a new ID card to how to book a room in CRC to how to navigate Admin Block and much, much more, we have you covered!

#2: How to book a room at Taramani Guest House:

Update: As of 12/18/2019, the procedure to book a room at Taramani Guest House stands changed, and is succintly summarized in this poster provided to us by the Office of Taramani Guest House.


Here is a simple guideline to help you through the highly convoluted business of reserving a room at the Taramani Guest House (TGH).


You will need:

  • A passport-sized photo of the person you’re booking the room for.
  • A self-attested copy of ID proof (AADHAR card, passport, etc.) for this person.


Step 1: Check out the availability of rooms for the required dates here. Due to the high demand, make sure you do this a month or two in advance.


Step 2: Visit your hostel office and get a TGH reservation form.


Step 3: Obtain the signature of your Hostel Warden on the filled form after submitting it at your hostel office along with a self-attested copy of ID proof, and a passport-sized photo of your guest.


Step 4: On getting your form approved by the Warden, scuttle over to Taramani Guest House as soon as possible and submit the form.


Step 5: You can find out about your application status in a day or two by visiting the Guest House again and checking with them. If there are no other issues with your form, and rooms are available, your reservation will be confirmed. Good luck!

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