Secretary Review: Academic Affairs Secretary – Vishranth Suresh

“Of the initiatives that could not be completed, Vishranth attributes a lot of them to the failure in hiking placement fees, which he believed would be implemented at the time of his election. The overall response to his term seems satisfactory, with a lot of fundamental initiatives (such as regulation of placement slotting, curriculum modifications etc.) having taken place.” Read about the Academic Affairs Secretary Vishranth’s tenure.

How Things Work: Replacing a Lost/Broken ID Card

All too often, we find ourselves gritting our teeth over (seemingly) indecipherable bureaucratic procedures for simple things, like booking rooms at Taramani Guest House or adding extra courses. T5E brings you a new series, How Things Work, to make your insti life easier. This article gives you a step by step guide to getting a new ID card.

T5E Vacation Guide 2014-15: Social Networking

“It is common knowledge that social networks can fuel boredom and procrastination like selfies fuel egos. A black hole of time-wasting and self-loathing, punctuated with the occasional comment war and cat video, Facebook, Twitter, and such aren’t just for making your friends and colleagues believe your life is better than theirs anymore.” Anjani gives a few pointers to make your social networking experience a little less aimless.