How Things Work: Replacing a Lost/Broken ID Card

All too often, we find ourselves gritting our teeth over (seemingly) indecipherable bureaucratic insti procedures for simple things, like booking rooms at Taramani Guest House or adding extra courses. T5E brings you a new series, How Things Work, to make your insti life easier. From how to get a new ID card to how to book a room in CRC to how to navigate Admin Block and much, much more, we have you covered!

#1: How to replace a lost/broken ID card:

In case you find yourself with a lost/damaged ID card or find that the details on your ID card need to be changed, follow these steps.


You will need:

  • Rs.500 in case of loss/damage.
  • Rs. 250 for change of details.
  • Patience.


Step 1: Head to the SmartCard Section, located in Room 114 on Level 1 of the Central Library.


Step 2: Inform the staff at the SmartCard Section that you’ve lost/damaged your ID card. You will be given a form.


Step 3: Fill out the form with your details – name, address, blood group etc. The form also requires the signature of your Hostel Warden and the Chief Security Officer.


Step 4: Obtain the signature of your Hostel Warden at your Hostel Office.


Step 5: Head to the Security Section, located in the ground floor of the Admin block. Get the form signed by the Chief Security Officer.


Step 6: While in the Admin Block, go to the fourth floor. You will be able to pay the required amount of Rs.500 for a lost/damaged ID card or Rs. 250 for change of details at the Account Section. Collect the receipt.


Step 7: Return to the SmartCard Section and produce the filled-out form and the receipt for payment. Your ID card will be printed out for you.

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