Buzzing Their Way to Victory


The  IPs for the 2013 LitSoc Buzzer Quiz made promises of “fame, girls and LitSoc points” and more importantly, working buzzers (a reference to a goof-up during last year’s Saarang, during which the Buzzer quiz had to be conducted sans buzzers). After a mix-up regarding the venue, a considerably large number of 3-member teams assembled at CRC, keen to establish that they were quick on the trigger. LitSoc 2013-14 finally kicked off at 6 PM on Wednesday, September 25th in CRC.

Organised and conducted by Siddharth Srikanthan and Rushabh Menon, the quiz consisted of a preliminary round of 32 questions. The questions in this round were designed to test both the participants’ knowledge and their ability to reason their way to an answer. The top 8 teams from the preliminary round got through to the finals, which tested both the mental and digital dexterity of the participants. The audience was kept thoroughly entertained, especially when a team buzzed too quickly, without even having a proper answer in mind. The results were as follows:


Jayadev Bhaskaran
Aravindabharathi R.


Suraj Nair
TP Kurian


Prateek Vijayavargia
Sahil Mathur
Sandeep Menon


Chandrasekhar N.
Saba Firdaus
Shubhajit Das


Arun Nair
Arjun Bhagoji
Prashanth Srinivasan


Swarun Krishna
Mayank NK Choudhary
Balaji Anand


Anand R Aiyer


Abheek Dasgupta
Shalin Doshi

Links to the questions are below:

  1. Prelims with answers
  2. Blues clues round
  3. Grid round
  4. First strike round
  5. Finals – dry round

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