Agrata ’19 – Our very own sports fest

It’s that time of the year again. The sporting gear all set, the motivation to get out and play at an all time high, and the desire to prove one’s worth at its peak – ‘Tis the season of selections. With Agrata- the Sports Fest of IIT Madras around the corner, here’s all you need to know about one of the biggest sporting events insti hosts. 

Till 2018 merely known as Sportsfest, the Sports Fest of IIT Madras has enjoyed a rich legacy of 25+ years. The annual inter-collegiate sporting competition organised by the Sports Organising Committee of IIT Madras, under the guidance of the Gymkhana, is an event that is held in high regard among the sporting circles, in and around Chennai. The previous editions have witnessed the participation of around 25+ colleges, with around 1250 players competing with each other in 11 events in the case of men and 7 events for women. 

Sportsfest is an important milestone for any sports enthusiast in insti, be it a player or a lover of the sport. The invited colleges bring in extremely seasoned and talented players, some even representing the state and the country in various sports. Irrespective of the outcome, our insti teams get an unparalleled exposure, and it serves as a feedback for their practice so far. The coaches and teams start strategizing for the upcoming Inter IIT based on the performance in this tournament. With the ‘B team’ also participating, the tournament also gives opportunity for the players who aren’t officially a part of the Institute team to showcase their skills and gain match experience. With the quality of the players who come in, and the amount of passion and the skill that is showcased, every match has the potential to motivate and inspire. If it is our insti team playing, the better – ‘cause if we don’t support our teams who will, right? In addition to all this, organising a tournament of this magnitude in tandem with the administrative staff teaches one skills that nothing else can. This tournament has something to offer for everyone.

Still not convinced if Sportsfest is relevant to you? The organisers of this event have planned a bunch of activities to include everyone – a marathon for a cause, a fitness workshop, a photography contest, a film screening, and a Sports Quiz in collaboration with the Quiz Club.

The Sports Organising Committee has taken an effort to rebrand Sportsfest 2019. 

Their decision to change the name of our Sportsfest to ‘Agrata’ couldn’t be more apt. Agrata literally translates to passion, for what drives one to go to the court everyday, to complete that extra lap, to do that one final push up, to go that extra mile. Isn’t it that passion that drives one to give it all? 

Over the course of one week insti will witness the best of matches, lessons, and experiences which only a sport can offer. Ultimately what are all those sacrifices, failures, blood, sweat, and tears for, if not #fortheloveofsport?


Agrata 2019- The Sportsfest of IIT Madras is scheduled for the 16th – 21st of September 2019. The marathon will be organised on the 15th of September. All other details regarding the schedule of Agrata, the marathon, and other events will be intimated shortly through smail.

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