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Posts published in October 2016

Humans of Insti: The Ramu akka

I don’t know what you mean by plans for the future! I am content here and I will stay as long as Ramu Tea stall is here. We will try to let her study what she wants to. Except my children growing up, there aren’t all that many changes I expect in my life for the years to come.

The Events Behind the SLC Controversy: What Really Happened on 13 October?

"Following these events, Manish, despite having already received a warning, began to assault Arjun Jayakumar, a Pampa legislator and APSC member. Swaminathan, another APSC member, tried to defend Arjun but by picking up a standing fan and attempting to assault Manish with it. The SGS and a few other SLC members broke up the fight. The Speaker requested that decorum be maintained and both Swaminathan and Manish were removed from the hall."

Preventive Health Measures for Monsoon

With the onset of monsoon and a million nostalgic memories of bright umbrellas and paper boats in puddles, there have also arrived mosquito-borne diseases, which…

Holy Sweets! : A visit to Shree Mithai

For people with a sweet tooth and a special appetite for chat and dry snacks, Niharika Gunturu brings to you a brilliant review of Shree Mithai located in a quiet byroad in Chetpet. An extremely pocket-friendly store that lives up to its name and serves you with some of the best sweets, chats and dry snacks in Chennai, Shree Mithai is a must try for those with a sweet tooth.

Made in Insti: Parley with PutPeace

This is the second article in the 'Made in Insti' series where we have interviewed Sandeep Mederametla who dropped out of IIT Madras, started up thrice, came back to campus and is building his tech backed services company in his own style. Sandeep joined hands with Srinvas and Madhu, ex-students from IIT Madras and chose to come back to campus and start in insti, simply because “which other market can we connect with, the most?” Read on this candid interview to know the team behind the startup which comes to our rescue for last-minute print outs and late hour hunger pangs. The simplicity and depth of these answers exemplify their maturity towards and life in general.

Made in Insti: Parley with Planys

"Working on something which you like and taking risks based on that is a really good way of learning. Institute is doing a lot of things to maintain this ecosystem by providing safety nets. You can defer placements by one year. Opt for MS in Entrepreneurship to get a degree while starting up. It is working on the ecosystem with Nirmaan and CFI. My suggestion to all juniors would be -- give it a shot. There is not much to lose. Either try your hands at starting up, or work at a startup. "

The Spaces of Others: A Photo Essay

In this photo essay, Sumit Sute tries to highlight the syntax associated with accessing public spaces and the coexistence and conflict that exists between the traditional and the modern in a small village on the banks of river Tapti in Madhya Pradesh. The photos represent a low-key Korku wedding that he happened to be at.

EML and Interview with Shekar Dattatri

By Patanjali and Surya Suresh It might seem sometimes, especially with the doom and gloom perpetrated by the media (not to mention scientific reports and…

Sportsfest 2016: Insti

The Sportsfest 2016 has come and gone amidst an impressive show of ability and grit by the students of participating universities and of insti. To…