Made in Insti: Detect Technologies

“Working in a company like Detect which involves people from across various fields, says Daniel, gives you an experience that academic life simply cannot. “In fact”, he adds, “our firm is proof that students from IIT Madras, if provided the right guidance in technology, can generate more intellectual property than even PhD scholars from big universities can. We even foster other startups to grow out from Detect Technologies from the problem statements that we identify from the industries.”

Made in Insti: Parley with PutPeace

This is the second article in the ‘Made in Insti’ series where we have interviewed Sandeep Mederametla who dropped out of IIT Madras, started up thrice, came back to campus and is building his tech backed services company in his own style. Sandeep joined hands with Srinvas and Madhu, ex-students from IIT Madras and chose to come back to campus and start in insti, simply because “which other market can we connect with, the most?” Read on this candid interview to know the team behind the startup which comes to our rescue for last-minute print outs and late hour hunger pangs. The simplicity and depth of these answers exemplify their maturity towards and life in general.

The man behind the IGBT: An interview with Prof. Jayant Baliga (BT/EE/1969)

IIT Madras had the honour of receiving Prof. Baliga as the Chief Guest presiding over the 53rd Convocation Ceremony of the institute this year. The day before the Convocation, Prof. Baliga gave a talk titled “The IGBT Miracle: From Conception to Global Impact”. The talk was well attended by students, professors, alumni and dignitaries. In between his busy schedule, he spoke to T5E about his career and work.

Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Sashank Vadrangi, Academic Affairs Secretary

“Shashank managed a success ratio of nearly 54%, with around 4% of the promised points in his review undergoing completion, and about 36% of the points remaining incomplete. Thus, he has managed overall to implement close to 60% of his agenda items. He has brought in some long needed changes in the functioning of academic, internship and placement affairs, even though some promising initiatives were left incomplete. “