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Posts published in June 2015

Schroeter Review

This year's Schroeter was an intensely fought one. It took Ganga, who have the highest number of Schroeter championships to their name, to break the three year winning spell of Tapti. While Tapti and Ganga fared well across most sports, there were some exceptional standalone performances from other hostels. Read on to know more.

Pride and Prejudice

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed in the articles are those of the individual authors only. The Fifth Estate does not endorse any of the views mentioned…

T5E Vacation Guide

"Vacations are an iffy issue, really. What’s one to do with so much time? T5E brings to you a compendium of things to do that may help you answer this timeless conundrum." Bhargavi compiles a comprehensive list by various correspondents, from summer schools and book lists, to the latest Twitter trends.

T5E Vacation Guide: Online Courses 2015-16

  This article is part of the Vacation Guide, which can be found here.   Since childhood, two words have stood for that carefree bit…

T5E Vacation Guide: Summer Schools 2015-16

By Bragadeesh Suresh Babu and Arjun Rakesh   This article is part of the Vacation Guide, which can be found here.   If you are…

T5E Vacation Guide: Youtube 2015-16

By Shiraz Khan and Giridhur S   This article is part of the T5E Vacation Guide, which can be found here.   If you have been…

T5E Vacation Guide: Internships 2015-16

By Amritha Elango and Kaushik Viswanath   This article is part of T5E’s Vacation Guide, which can be found here.   The summer holds a…

Humans of Insti – Yoga Instructor

It was only when Katyayini offered to do a one hour session on Pranayama did I realise that the group was brainstorming on the events to be held during the International Yoga Day celebrations on 21st June.

Maggi: An insti tradition in peril

by Sofia Shehana and Saba Firdaus. Be it tea-time or late night hunger pangs, Maggi has always come to our rescue. However, the prospect for…