T5E Vacation Guide: Internships 2015-16


By Amritha Elango and Kaushik Viswanath


This article is part of T5E’s Vacation Guide, which can be found here.


The summer holds a plethora of internship opportunities for the students, ranging from insti startups to freelancing internships, and covering a wide range of interests/skills. To help you with internship-hunting, here’s our selection of some of the best internships out there:



Many interesting startups by insti students and alumni are looking for interns. The hands-on experience and close-contact working environment makes it a worthwhile way to spend your summer. Many of them offer stipends too. Below are a few internships currently open, along with contact details:


  1. Clozerr app — Clozerr, a mobile application which helps people find restaurants and get rewards, needs:
  • 1 design intern
  • 2 growth hackers
  • 1 copywriter
  • 1 iOS developer
  • 2 business development interns


Interested students can contact Rakul KR : 7502112244


  1. Quabl — A service to provide app-makers in the higher education space with data from universities, as APIs (application program interface) that integrate seamlessly with state-of-the-art security. This provides app makers with the crucial data to power their apps and hence makes important aspects of higher education — like fundraising for projects, collaboration and landing the right internships — easier. This startup needs a designer to enhance the aesthetic quotient of their service.


Interested students can contact Akhyansh Mohapatra: 9437059019/7200364015


  1. Frebbo — Frebbo is a startup that deals with e-learning and is an online education portal which tries to provide the optimal experience for students, teachers, parents and businesses. They are looking for UX/UI designers.


Interested students can contact  Prashanth: 8939526289


  1. Microlife Innovations — An insti-based biotech start up whose aim is to make a microfluidic chip to check the adulteration of milk. If you are interested in science and research, this is a very good opportunity for you.


Interested students can contact Avisek Barla: 7845743009


  1. Cinemagrapher.co — It is a platform to provide professional photographers a way to make animated photographs. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students, and is looking for design interns.


Interested students can contact  Pranav: 7200497355


Freelance Internships


Don’t want to be bound by just one firm? Or simply don’t want to wake up early to go to office? Then freelancing gives you the independence to work at your own time and pace. It also gives an opportunity to learn to manage your finances and, well, wake up whenever you want. Here are some good freelancing sites to register yourself in and bag good deals with clients:




Craigslist Chennai


Internshala is another portal to look for research and other internship opportunities, freelancing or otherwise. Sign up, upload your resume and look through the calls that come up.


Other avenues for internship opportunities include the IFMR (Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) Finance Foundation, whose office is located in IITM Research Park. An affiliate of the Chennai-based management institute of the same name, it offers interns exposure to research in economics and finance.


As for research internships with Universities, check out this piece on how to ‘How (not) to Lose Opportunities and Alienate Professors’.

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