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Posts published in September 2012

TechSoc Manual Robotics 2012

By Sachin Nayak This year’s manual robotics involved the well-known game of ‘Lagori’, played by robots. Around 14 teams participated in the event. The rules of…

Freshie Night 2012

It was the time, seniors said, where we get to act like kids and no one would judge us, where we can throw away our inhibition and enjoy loudly as we officially and socially become accepted as IITians.

“Can I Take Class Here?”

Dr. Edamana Prasad is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry. He is a recipient of the Young Faculty Recognition Award. He specialises in…

SAC Meeting Review: September 2012

By Rohan Bendre On 18th September, the first SAC meeting of this academic year was held at MRC. The meeting started with a bare minimal…


कैसे कहूँ मुबारक
सर झुका है मेरा...

A Walk Through Nature

"IIT Madras is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts. The institute area was originally part of Guindy National Park and the vegetation here is the tropical dry evergreen type, meaning, the rains are irregular and trees do not shed their foliage. This is also the rarest vegetation in the Indian sub-continent which explains the astonishing diversity in the plant and animal species on campus."

Read on for an extensive list of the most common species found on campus, from the spotted deer to the infamous cotton-stainer bug.

Norwegian Wood

As part of the World Heritage Series, a Western Classical Opera was hosted on 12th September.An Opera was held for the first time in campus, performed by internationally acclaimed Norwegian opera singers who were touring India, from September 3rd to 14th.

The Dean’s Column – Issue 1

Starting this week, T5E brings you a series of discussions with Dr. L. S. Ganesh, Dean of Students, IITM, and Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, IITM, as part of what we call 'The Dean's Column'. We hope this will be a great platform for interaction and the exchange of ideas between the students, alumni and LSG.


...इंसान दो तरह से ज्ञान हासिल करता है, पहला व्यावहारिक और दूसरा सैद्धांतिक (अनुमानित) | या स्पष्ट शब्दों में "जान कर" अथवा "मान कर" | जानने और मानने में बहुत फर्क है और इन दोनों के बीच "समझ" का विशाल पहाड़ होता है...

Pick Five: TV Shows

Joseph C Joseph recommends 5 TV shows that you shouldn't miss.