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In this series, T5E takes a look at the different Cultural Clubs in insti, and offers a peek at what they have planned. You can find the rest of the articles in this series here.

Although fine arts events have been taking place in insti for years, both round the year and at Saarang, it has only been a little over a year since the Fine Arts Club, in its current structure, was established. It started off with ambitious plans last year, some of which came to fruition, and some of which didn’t (in the words of the Conveners, “Together we learn that mistakes happen, but here at the Fine Arts Club, they are called happy little accidents”). This year, though, the club is looking ahead, with plans revolving around the theme of challenging the popular notion that art forms are limited to drawing, sketching and painting. The club has a broad spectrum of activities and workshops planned for the coming academic year, and aims to cater to both novices and seasoned artists.


The Year So Far

This year, the club kick-started its activities on a socially relevant note with the “Campus Bin Painting Project”, an initiative to bring together the residents of IIT Madras to help beautify the dust-bins on campus. The aim was to increase the visibility of the newly installed dust-bins so as to promote cleanliness. The event witnessed a lot of participation, from school children to research scholars. As a result, the bins on campus currently have socially relevant messages or simply depict life at IITM. The journey ahead will be something to look forward to, say the Conveners.

Looking Ahead

The club promises that the workshops held this year will be attractive to a wide range of students, and hopes to receive enthusiastic participation. It seeks to fill the gap between artistic imagination and its projection as a work of art by providing a suitable atmosphere and workspace to the participants, letting them express their talent, and better their skills. This year’s activities also includes a day-long visit to Cholamandal Artists’ Village, probably in the next semester, for all club members.

The Fine Arts Club is also looking for avenues for collaboration with NGOs who wish to teach art to young underprivileged kids. If all goes well, the club plans to set up a stall demonstrating their work at Saarang 2015. It also encourages participation of its members at various Fine Arts competitions across India.

Getting Involved

 Students can join the Club by just filling in this form. More information can be found on its Facebook pageStudents can also get in touch with the Conveners, Prudhvi Raj and Srishti Jain, at [email protected].

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