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The last quizzing event of Tech Soc 2011-2012, ‘How Things Work’ (HTW) was held at PhLT this 12th. The coordinators for the event were Akshay Rangamani and Adithya.

Following the Tech Soc Main Quiz, HTW also managed to gather a large group of students with around 50 teams turning up for the event to grab a bunch of important points for their hostel. With only 40 questions in all, the quiz was pretty short in duration, and followed the orthodox pattern of prelims featuring 20 questions and a final round. The final round comprised of 6 written questions.

The quiz, as the name suggests, featured questions based on everyday phenomenon and new gadgets and technology around and in nature that can be looked upon in regular Sci-Tech blogs and forums. The prelims were sufficiently easy and the final round did not demand a lot of knowledge and exertion. This provided the freshie teams with a chance to bag some brownie points for their hostel. An interesting attempt was seen in one of the final questions wherein a quote “why did the chicken cross the road?” was used to paraphrase 6 famous laws of physics; for example, “Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest. Chickens in motion tend to cross roads.” The quizzers were then asked to identify the scientist based on that (which in the one mentioned above is Newton).

With hostels running neck to neck on the Tech Soc point tally, a tougher and a more challenging final was anticipated by many. Apart from a few disputes and arguments in prelims, the quiz evening was well spent for all the participating enthusiasts. In an interesting contest between the freshie team and veterans from Pampa the first position was eventually taken by the freshies. The result sheet looked as follows:

1st – (freshie team) Akash Mahajan (Ganga), Swapnil Basak (Mandak), Sriram.V – (Godav)
2nd – Vishruth Srinath, M Brij Bhushan, K. “PDF” Pramod (All Pampa)
3rd – Sanjay BJ (Jam), SV Subhash Chandra (Jam), Varun Joshi (Alak)
4th – Joseph Joseph (Jam), Venkata Vijay.V (Jam), Anubhav Bhattacharjee (Godav)
5th – Ashwin Sudhakar (Alak), Sarthak Pathak (Narmad), Anoop Verghese (Narmad)
6th – Anand Rao (Alak), Milind Rao (Ganga), Barath A (Tapti)

The questions for prelims and finals of the event can be downloaded here:



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