Talk By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


Friday, 22-10-2010 saw an edifying talk by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev about ‘Success – What it actually is and where and how to discover it’. Conducted by ‘Reflections’ , a student community aiming at enabling various dimensions of intelligence,  and supported by the EML team and the alumni,  this talk was very well appreciated by a large audience, the largest Reflections had ever seen. The talk began with a magnificent musical performance followed by the director’s note, wherein he introduced Prof.Devdas Menon, Faculty head, Reflections.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev  is an authoritative speaker whose vision meets all the dimensions that  Reflections is aiming to enable. He started the Isha Foundation which deals with social, personal, rural and environmental problems in order to gain deep inner and outer transformation. It revitalized the profound ancient wisdom of the Buddha and Patanjali. It also started the rural rejuvenation project, project green hands, etc. reaching out to around 2500 destitute villages.

Sadguru was led to the ambo which he took up with grace. He commenced by talking about scepticism. He requested the audience not to sit with total disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge. He encouraged healthy scepticism- unsuspicious appreciation of what is right.

He stated that success is a common goal, since everybody aspires to be successful.” Success essentially means a desire for more that what we have and what we are right now”, he averred. He extolled the undiscovered virtues of our own self and suggested that we harness our body, mind and situation to lead us on a path of ultimate success. He elaborated saying that what we lack today is concentration – the power to focus on what we exactly want. Today ideas of success are highly convoluted. For being successful, we are geared up to work against our self, transgressing the most subtle of moral values. He suggested that ideas of success have to be more intrusive and beyond just personal ambition. The source of success is not solely in our desire to become successful. “Rather than working at the complexes of the world, begin by working at yourself. Don’t die to achieve success, live to enjoy it”, he said, encouragingly.  He concluded by affirming that if we work at keeping our mind pleasant and calm, we can guarantee a 100 percent increase in intellect in 24 hours.

A question answer session followed, where Sadguru resolved some queries of his ardent followers and students as well. This enlightening talk was a huge success – well received and appreciated by a wide demographic.

Covered by Manasa Redunchintala and Sohini Sarkar, Correspondents

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