T5E Vacation Guide: Obscenely addictive sites and blogs to follow


You can read the entire T5E Vacation Guide 2014-15 here.

Aside from your now habitual dose of Facebook, tumblr, 9gag, Reddit, etc., what other wonders does the interwebz hold?

 5. ‘I’ve done three hours of work today. Let me take a break!’

Do you want to feel enlightened with the least effort?

Do you wish to cut back on the work you do without too big a slice from the guilt-pie?

Do you wish to do your bit for society without moving from your chair?

www.upworthy.com is the place for you.

Generating socially responsible, fairly remarkable material that makes for a very intellectual newsfeed

 Person in front of the Net4. ‘Hmm. Just ONE more article. And then I’ll get back to work’

Do your perfectly serious google searches get hijacked as soon as you find parodies of what you’re looking for?

Do you believe that blogs have a purpose in a world ruled by 140 characters?

Do longer articles appeal to you? (Anything that gives you an excuse to stay away from work for longer, right?)

Why haven’t you been living on http://the-toast.net/ already?

Generating well analyzed, witty and interesting articles with often wry and sarcastic humour.

 3. ‘Time to work no… OH LOOK A BUTTERFLY!’

Do you believe that you have the answers to someone’s burning questions?

Do you believe that fellow netizens are abounding with infinite insight?

Did you once like Yahoo Answers?

Welcome to www.quora.com. Sign up right now with Facebook

Generating the wisdom of procrastinators across the web and channeling the same as answers to largely pointless questions.

 2. ‘It’s Wednesday anyway. That’s almost the weekend!’

Does the heat provide no incentive to get through entire paragraphs?

Do gifs and memes seem like the best ways to convey points?

Do you wish to know which flavor of ice cream you are?

Get on www.buzzfeed.com already!

Generating quirky quizzes that provide absolutely no insight into life, the universe or anything at all.

(Cheggit: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/websites-that-will-change-your-life?bffb)

 1. ‘Work? WHAT work?’

Do even quizzes sound like a lot of effort? (All that clicking can tire the the index finger, you know!)

Do you enjoy pointless games that require you to incessantly repeat an action?

Do you wish to do something without actually doing anything?

You have hit the pinnacle now. Your friends and family are a step away from staging interventions. But don’t lose heart. You’re not lazy. You’re just…patient.

Try: www.theuselessweb.com

Generating websites of varying degrees of uselessness everytime you refresh the page.

(Two fun examples: www.chickenonaraft.com and www.findtheinvisiblecow.com)

Note: Quirky sites that require a convoluted registration process involving non-Google/Facebook accounts, app downloads or incognito browsers to avoid payment include www.stumbleupon.com, www.theonion.com, etc. Not quite as slacker-friendly as the rest, but certainly worth patronage.


Subject enjoys reading, eating, sleeping and Instagram. While exam season may dissuade it from doing three of those four things, Instagram persists.

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