Student falls from 2nd floor of CRC in suspected suicide attempt, being treated for injuries in Fortis Malar

This article is to dispel false information surrounding a suspected suicide attempt by a 4th-year Dual Degree student of the institute. T5E can be reached by Facebook message or at [email protected]

A 4th-year student of Ganga fell from the 2nd floor of the Class Room Complex at around 2:40 AM on Saturday, Nov 4. Institute guards near CRC called an ambulance at around 2:45 AM to transport the student to Fortis Malar hospital, where he is now being treated for injuries. He was given first aid at the Institute Hospital before being transferred to Fortis Malar.

According to friends from Ganga who visited him in the hospital today at 6:12 PM, the student is recovering slowly; he has regained consciousness for the first time since Saturday morning and could recognize his relatives who were in the hospital room. The doctors say he is on the road to recovery.
A fellow Ganga resident and friend of the student says that the steps taken by the institute guards near CRC to ascertain the student’s identity at the time of the event were highly commendable. As they did not have his wallet and could not unlock his phone, the guards removed the SIM card from the student’s phone, inserted it into one of their phones and made a call to someone nearby to see what name appeared on the receiver’s Truecaller.
Contrary to what the Times of India reported, the student’s friend strongly denies that The Blue Whale Game is the cause for this, and says he and other friends even told this to the police. In response to rumours speculating poor academic performance (among others) and using which explanations were being drawn for the incident by other students, we were told that he has a very good academic record, a pre-placement job offer from a top company, seemingly no personal relationship problems and several close friends. Details of the incident have not been made available to us. Per the latest information available, the police have not confirmed it to be a suicide attempt.
T5E will update this article as we find out more and are in a position to speak to the student.
Updates and edits:
November 7th, 10:52 AM: The last paragraph has been expanded to clarify the intent for which it was written. Details of the student’s academic record were written in response to rumours being spread, some are which speculated poor academic performance to be the cause of the incident and using which explanations for the incident were being drawn. Per the latest information that has been made available to us, the police have not yet concluded the incident to be a suicide attempt.

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