Status Update: Eateries on Campus


Troubled by the sudden disappearance of all the eateries across the campus? Well here’s what’s in store for you in the coming few days.

24×7 Snacketeria (erstwhile IRCTC):

The previous contract with IRCTC has been terminated and Suprabha has been awarded a direct contract to run the 24×7 snacketeria near the CCW office and tower hostels. The menu will be similar to the pre existing one with small variations in the price. The snacketeria is expected to resume operations by Feb 15th

Quark Cafe (Zaitoon):

The free space opposite the billing counter counter shall be occupied by a mini cafeteria operated by Parfait 3. The café would begin operations in a week and shall serve snacks, pastries, desserts, coffee and tea among other items. The first floor of Quark will however be made available for LTAP sessions, club meetings, litsoc activities and similar activities and no cafeteria shall be operated there.

First Floor of Himalaya:

A  burger shop will be set up on the first floor of Himalaya Mess (above the HUL kiosk) .  Zea Gourmet Burgers has been awarded the contract and shall begin operations in 10-15 days.

International Cafeteria (erstwhile Kickstart Cafe):

After the controversial termination of their contract(read here), the owners of Kickstart Cafe have filed a case against the institute and the tendering process for awarding the new contract shall not be completed until the case is resolved.


Girls SFC:

A fruit-shop, operated by Andavar Fruits will commence operations soon while the Ramu Tea Stall located in Vindhya as well as the ironing facility near Sharavati hostel shall also be relocated to the newly constructed SFC. A departmental shop shall commence operations soon as well.

Gurunath (SFC):

Since a patisserie shop is now being operated in the SFC by Leo Fortune, the patisserie shop run by Gurunath has been asked to cease operations and shall now house the Fried Rice and Burger Stalls which are currently located outside while the Juice and Ice Cream Stall as well as the South Indian items stall shall continue their operations as it is. The decision was taken to ensure higher standards of hygiene. The chaat stall might be relocated to patisserie shop operated by Leo Fortune Bakers.

Locations of the eateries mentioned in the article.

We would like to thank the Hostel Affairs Secretary for his inputs.

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