Schroeter Volleyball: Stage Two


The volleyball schroeter’s second league stage was held on 15th, 17th and 18th March and four qualifying teams progressed into the semifinals. Pool X had a three way tie that had to broken in favour of Alakananda and Saras, who had a better set ratio (toal number of sets won to those lost). Godavari and Ganga qualified convincingly from Pool Y, with Godavari winning against Ganga 3-0 in their mutual encounter. The semifinal and final stage matches will be held on April 2nd and 3rd.

Results of Stage 2:
Pool X:
Alakananda – Saraswathi 1-3
Jamuna – Mahanadi 3-1
Jamuna – Saraswathi 3-1
Alakananda – Mahanadi 3-0
Jamuna – Alakananda 0-3
Saraswathi – Mahanadi 3-0

Pool Y
Ganga – Tapti 3-1
Godavari – Pampa 3-0
Godavari – Tapti 3-1
Ganga – Pampa w/o
Ganga – Godavari 0-3
Pampa – Tapti w/o

Semifinal & Final stage matches :
April 2 :
Semifinal-1 : Alakananda Vs Ganga 5.30pm (Court A)
Semifinal-2 : Godavari Vs Saraswathi 6.30pm (Court A)

April 3 :
3rd position match 5.30pm (Court A)
FINAL 6.30pm (Court A)
(Picture credits: Abhinay, Godav and the institute volleyball captain Shivaraj)

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