RR Food Court


Good news for all those who eat at Himalaya! The HAS has just announced that RR will operate a pay as you eat system on the ground floor in one of the two dining sections on a trial basis. If it works out it will be implemented by the other caterers also.

The system works as below:
The facility is available for 500 students only. The registration for this will be along with mess registration. If you want to avail the facility you are supposed to select RR Food Court as the option in your mess registration.

The Registration for this food court will be on first come first serve Basis. The cash cards of the students who opt for this system will be credited with Rs 1500/- from the student’s mess advance at the start of the month and he is supposed to spend that amount in that month itself. On the 1st of next month your cash card account will be made to zero and credited with Rs 1500/- again. This is because caterer needs a minimum amount of money for his business. This system of paying a minimum amount (Rs 1500) will be followed at least for this semester and it may be modified later.

In case of the cash card running out of balance it can be credited at any point of time during that month. Any balance from this extra amount credited (apart from 1500 credited at the beginning) will be carried forward to the next month.

All the students who opt for Food Court have to dine in food court for the
whole semester. If the number of students registering for this is less than 500, the minimum amount will be made to 1800.

The timings of the food court will be same as that mess.
Morning: 645 to 900
Afternoon: 1145 to 1400
Evening: 1600 to 1700
Night: 1845 to 2100.
Efforts are being made to extend the timings during the night.

For any other clarifications, please raise them on the Students Portal Forum. The HAS will be on the forum to answer your queries. The cost of the items is available here

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