Another Shaastra?!


Booked your tickets for the 28th of September? Shaastra begins the next day, right? 4 days of peace putting, awaaay from insti. Ah, How lovely! Go ahead. Enjoy yourself.

Only, you have no idea what you are about to miss.

Even perfection can be improved. Shaastra 2010 is just that. Things you see only on TV, feats you  thought were impossible, machines that exist only in your wildest imagination – Everything is going to be here this year. Shaastra lets you mould the future with your bare hands. No, we don’t have a fanfare and colored confetti to proclaim its greatness. But, it’s worth it. Every second of it.

Every year the arena gets broader and the events better. This year, Shaastra brings you video conferences and lectures by some of the most distinguished people in the technological field, to name a few, Mylswamy Annadurai, Project Leader, Chandrayaan 1 and 2,  Gerardus ‘t Hooft, Nobel prize winner, Physics and many more. From events like Forensics, Biomimicry and Smart materials to Hackfest and Fire & Ice; from technical exhibitions to hands-on competitions; from a Symposium on ‘Education in Rural India’ to the Al Gore Sustainable Technology Venture Competition, we have tried to open vistas to every individual who comes to Shaastra – engineering or not.

Still unimpressed? Still prefer your booked tickets? Too bad you won’t get to the food stalls this year. They are BIG this time. With more goodies than you can think of. What’s Shaastra without shaved ice and doughnuts and pizzas, anyway?

Oh well, say good bye to a world class aerofest, exciting shaastra nights and more challenges than you can ever imagine.

Forgive the lack of modesty, but we are the epic of creation.

Be there. Why chumma regret?


Courtesy – Sabnam Gafoor, Vishesh Copywriter, Shaastra 2010

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