Placement Survey 2020-21: Opinion

Design: Swati Sheenum, G Shreethiga, Shaurya Rawat, Abhiram Pavithran O, Rohit Gadarla and Hardhik Pinjala.

T5E’s Placement Survey 2020-21 was conducted in the month of February to study students perspective of placement season 2020-21. The respondents of the survey were final year students across different degrees and departments who appeared for the placement season of 2020-21. The survey witnessed a total of 171 responses from undergraduate students and 96 responses from postgraduate students. The survey explored various aspects like Opinion, Academics, Career, Extra-curricular and Preparation in the view of placements and the effect they might have on placements.

In this article, we explore the Opinion aspect. This article revolves around the opinion of students on the overall placement process and various policies. The article is divided into two sections: Undergraduate and Post-graduate.



Around 60% of respondents preferred that a high-level programming course be offered in place of CS1100, among those who had been exempted from the same. Only around 20% strictly believed this was a poor idea.

Preparatory material 

A majority of respondents (~50%) found the preparatory material useful, whereas a similarly significant count (~40%) did not use it at all.  Branch-wise, Physics, Engineering Design and Civil seemed to have outperformed in this category. CS and other branch students (NA, HS) found it the least helpful. 

Resume verification

A good proportion of students (nearly 85%) did not face any issues during resume verification. As a department, Physics landed on the top again, accompanied by Computer Science and closely followed by Engineering Design.

Peer learning

Only around 8% of respondents felt that seniors were aloof in providing guidance. A slightly higher proportion (~10%) felt similarly about peer involvement in their preparation.

Overall placement experience 

 The placement season concluded on a largely positive note, with around 65% of respondents rating their experience 4 stars or above.


Preparatory material 

The trends are not very different from UGs, with around 45% claiming usefulness, and around 40% having left it unused. Branch-wise, MM, BT, PE, HS and ED reported better statistics in comparison to their peers.

Resume verification 

Around 87% percentage of students faced no trouble, only very marginally trumping UG in this regard. PH, AM, AE, MM, BT, CY, PE, HS and ED performed significantly well in this regard.

Peer learning 

Around 30% of respondents felt that seniors were uninvolved. This is a sharp rise in comparison to UG’s 8% in this regard. 

On the peers front too, the PGs had a significant 22% of respondents who felt that peer learning was not essential, in comparison to UGs 10%.

Overall placement experience 

The season concluded on a positive note here too, with around 60% of respondents rating their experience 4 stars or higher.


Overall, the Opinion aspect explored the opinion of students on various things which affect placements. The trends on most of the questions were very similar among UGs and PGs. An important point to note in the results was the opinion on peer learning and help from seniors. For both UGs and PGs, the majority felt peer learning and fundaes from seniors were very helpful. The pandemic did make both these things a bit difficult but yet, students managed to learn and discuss with peers and take fundaes from seniors during these times as well. We would expect more people to find it useful had it been an offline semester. Another point to note is the overall placement experience which was rated high by most of the students. Though a few gave a lower rating, the overall rating remained high. This shows that the placement season was conducted smoothly and was satisfactory for the majority of the students.

This is it on the opinion aspect. We wish the best for the graduating students in their career ahead! Stay tuned for more analysis!

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