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Kiran P.V. is an IITM alumnus from the 2007 Dual batch of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. He has been working with LatentView over the last 4 years. His interests include football, data mining and movies. He still enjoys playing footer in Jam quadrangle over the weekends.

I am currently working as a Senior Analyst at LatentView Analytics. Before talking more about what my company and the work we do, I would like to give a brief overview about Analytics as an evolving business area and the value it creates across organizations. Simply put, Analytics is a decision making support process in solving real world business problems using data based facts rather than intuition. In this era of information, many organizations are having increased access to vast amounts of data spread both within and outside channels like database systems, online, mobile, social media etc., and this further poses a bigger challenge to them in creating business value out of available information. By leveraging analytics, these organizations can solve the data problem by applying principles of mathematics, statistics, econometrics, computer science and operations research to generate actionable insights.

On similar lines, LatentView Analytics provides data driven business consulting solutions around customer analytics, marketing analytics, predictive modeling and decision sciences to various clients spread across the globe. It is founded by IIT/IIM Alumni in the year 2006, and has been on a tremendous growth path since then. During my tenure at LatentView, I have got the opportunity to work with some of the big brands and in turn helping them solve their business problems with help of multiple tools and quantitative techniques. In our day-to-day work, we normally work on tools like SAS, SQL, and R etc. in combination with statistical techniques and visualization softwares for creating value to our clients. Some of the projects, I have worked on:

– Client is a Pizza Retail company spread across India with presence in 22 cities. Their Sales Model is take away and home deliveries, with home deliveries accounting for about 70% of their business and was having a lower customer response rate towards their promotional marketing campaigns. We have developed predictive models to identify customer’s likelihood to redeem a coupon and thus helped the client in improving their Return on Investment.

– Client is Canada’s largest Telecommunications Company, providing the most comprehensive suite of communication services to residential and business customers in Canada. We have worked with the Client to improve their existing Collections process in the Small & Medium Business segment. Using Analytics, we were able to generate around 10% improvement in collection revenue through better targeting of customers.

  • Irrespective of the business problems, there are some common steps which are part of any analytics assignment.
  • Handling data which can vary from 100 rows to millions of records sitting in various databases across organizations
  • Ability to work on multiple tools like SAS, SQL, R, and Excel etc. and knowledge of statistics coupled with quantitative techniques like regression, correlation etc.
  • Combining 1 and 2 points to generate insights which would be presented to clients in a visually appealing manner through pie-charts, bar plots etc.

Overall, I would say this field is for those who are comfortable with coding, enjoy working with data and numbers, and create value for end users by finding the hidden patterns.

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