Campus Placements 2011-2012



The 2011-12 Placement Season started on 1st December 2011 and went on till the 23rd. It resumed in the even semester in January and ended on 29th March 2012. Following is a summarized report with analysis.

Note : All figures are in Rupees (Lakhs Per Annum). These values are purely mathematical averages and are intended to analyze trends in the placement scenario. It is inadvisable to pick out individual data and try to infer conclusions on one’s placement. This report was done with data obtained from the placement team. We acknowledge their cooperation in compiling it for the purpose of this article. Notwithstanding, in the case of any discrepancy with the statistics below, we encourage the readers’ cooperation in correcting them.

General Statistics :

  • Out of 1220 people registered for placements, 823 have been placed
  • Additionally, 24 pre-placement offers were accepted bringing the total percentage of people placed to 69.4%
  • 53 people had two offers, while 5 people had 3 offers made to them
  • 248 companies participated in the on-campus placement process and a total of 905 offers were made

Day 1 Companies :

McKinsey & Co, BCG, ITC, Transocean, HUL, Google India, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Shell, Deutsche Bank, Sony Corporation, IBM Research, PocketGems

Day 2 Companies :

Eaton, Amazon, Credit Suisse, Intel, Microsoft, Nomura, Capital One, Schlumberger, American Express, Directi, InMobi, Hyundai

Average and Highest Salaries :

The department-wise average and highest salaries are shown below. The overall average and highest salaries stand at 8.98 LPA and 68.5 LPA respectively.

Branch Salary B.Tech DD M.Sc M.Tech MA MBA MS
Aerospace Engg. Highest 28 18 9.89 7.25
Average 7.68 7.65 6.36 5.88
Applied Mechanics Highest 7 7
Average 6.14 5.33
Biotechnology Highest 8.59 13 7
Average 6.63 7.77 5.34
Chemical Engg. Highest 28 28 17.48 6
Average 9.35 13.27 9.58 6
Chemistry Highest 7
Average 4.72
Civil Engineering Highest 17.5 18 7.12 7
Average 6.59 7.25 4.8 4.3
Comp Science and Engg. Highest 68.5 68.5 33 62.5
Average 24.67 18.8 12.22 14.4
Electrical Engg. Highest 17.5 28 18.1 22.5
Average 8.9 10.92 8.6 8.97
Engineering Design Highest 13 8
Average 7.24 6.55
Engineering Physics Highest 33
Average 12.3
Naval Architecture Highest 8.6 28 18 4.5
Average 6.28 8.67 5.99 4.14
Humanities Highest 3
Average 3
Physics Highest 7 7 7
Average 5.48 5.37 7
Management Studies Highest 10 8.18
Average 8 8.18
Mathematics Highest 8.25 7
Average 4.95 5.8
Mechanical Engg. Highest 25 17 8.12 22.5
Average 8.71 8.34 6 7.71
Met. and Materials Engg. Highest 17.5 12.81 7 22.5
Average 7.61 8.68 5.97 10.7
Institute Highest 68.5 68.5 8.25 33 3 10 62.5
Average 10 9.65 5 7.83 3 8 8

The average/highest salaries of Computer Science and Engineering are consideraly higher than other departments in all programmes, keeping in line with previously seen trends. Most departments have their average salary lower than 10 LPA.


The programme-wise average salaries show that B.Tech still retains the top stop, closely followed by Dual Degree.

Sector-Wise Distribution of Companies :


Around 35% of all companies are core, closely followed by IT companies. FMCG and public sector companies form a thin sliver of the pie chart. The rest of the non-core companies consist mostly of Finance, Analytics and Consulting firms.

Note : This is a distribution of the number of companies that registered for placements, not the number of students that got placed in these sectors.

CGPA vs. Salaries :

Perhaps the most interesting metric in this article. As suspected, the relationship between CGPA and average salary is quite linear and shows an interesting behavior. The Dual Degree students hold an edge over their B.Tech counterparts till the 8-8.5 range, where the B.Techs overtake them. The values for the MS, M.Tech, and the M.Sc programmes show absurd behaviour – they experience a peak at the 6-7 range, after which they seem to drop. The Dual Degree line also sees a small drop from the 8.0-8.5 to the 8.5-9.0 range, but then rises again. This time, the contending ‘app profile’ of students with high CGPAs does not seem to have affected their salary as was the case last year.


Percentage of Students Placed  :

(Click the image to expand.)


In terms of percentage of people placed vs. those registered, once again, Computer Science is at the top closely followed by Engineering Design and Management Studies. The percentage of the total number of students placed vs. those registered in the institute stands at 69.4%


If we look at the percentage of people placed programme-wise, MBA seems to be the highest with above 90 percent, followed by Dual Degree and B.Tech respectively. This shows that placement percentage is not necessarily in line with the average salaries of these programs. (B.Tech had the highest average salary)

(The details for Campus Placements 2010-2011 are available in the February 2011 edition of the printed version. The softcopy for which is available here.)

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