Message from the Outgoing Executive Editor


Dear reader,

It is indeed difficult to believe that my stint with The Fifth Estate – as a member of the editorial team one year, and leading it the next – is coming to an end.

It’s been quite a roller-coaster year for us, with our fair share of ups and downs. Our coverage of institute issues made readers (and the press) sit up and take notice. More importantly, we matured as a news body by learning to balance a story, and take a stand if required. The magazines we released received praise from various quarters, especially the faculty. We expanded our alumni base, with a number of insightful interviews and perspectives.

That being said, there is much scope for growth in terms of diversity, depth and frequency of content and of course, readership. As a news body, we aspire to have a say on everything happening within campus; I hope to see us achieving that goal in the near future. I believe the new team under Poorna Kumar will steer T5E in the right direction, and has many exciting initiatives planned to keep you absorbed over the coming year.

I take this opportunity to unveil the beta version of the new T5E website, now hosted on our very own server at IIT Madras. Suraj Yerramilli and Pramod ‘PDF’ Kasi have been at the heart of this year-long project that has finally come to fruition. Henceforth, all articles will be put up on the new website. We welcome your feedback on the design – feel free to take our quick poll or drop a comment.

Being a part of the campus news body will count among my most cherished experiences at IITM. Helping T5E grow to what it is today has taught me enormously, and I’m finding it extremely difficult to let go!

Wishing Poorna and her team all the very best,

Anand ‘Lumberjack’ Rao

Executive Editor, 2012-13

The Fifth Estate

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