LitSoc Monoacting 2010


A Report to an Academy
A Report to the Academy

LitSoc 2010 Monoacting was held on October 14th at CLT and it turned out to be quite an entertaining evening. Being conducted just 3 days before the second quizzes, the turnout was poor intially, both in terms of audience and participants. But later on in the evening, CLT found itself brimming with people.

The competition (surprisingly) began on time with two non-competitive performances. Once the judge arrived, the event began.

Rowan Atkinson (of Mr. Bean fame) turned out to be a popular choice among contestants as three participants enacted the famous “Welcome to Hell” act. This was followed by some striking performances.

Vaaruni ‘Vaa’ Eashwar, from Sharavati, fresh from her WM Solo win, conquered the stage once again with her excellent performance, showcasing the inhibitions and fears of a young actor.

Rihan Najib from Sharavati, winner of LitSoc 2009 Monoacting, did a brilliant act as an anguished ape in her own adaptation of “A Report to an Academy” and bagged the second place.

Sanjay ‘Pojo’ Guruprasad from Saras had everyone in splits with his spectacular enactment of his own composition and was placed third.

Macho from Mandak finished fourth with an entertaining mishmash of scenes from a variety of movies and plays, including “A Few Good Men” (the Robert De Niro [sic] part) and “Death of a Salesman”.

Saudamini Kalra from Sharavathi portrayed the loneliness and agony of a young woman writer with an effortless ease which earned her the fifth place.

The Final Results:

1st Place: Vaaruni Eashwar – Sharav
2nd Place: Rihan Najib – Sharav
3rd Place: Sanjay “Pojo” Guruprasad – Saras
4th Place: Macho – Mandak
5th Place: Saudamini Kalra – Sharav
6th Place: Srinivasan – Brahmaputra
7th Place: Popat – Jamuna
8th Place: Pony- Jamuna

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