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The LitSoc 2010-11 Just A Minute (JAM)

Prelims for Shaastra Circuit Design Challenge
Prelims for Shaastra Circuit Design Challenge

was conducted on September 14th at CLT.

With the founder of the Madras JAM association as Moderator, the JAM was an enjoyable session with its usual innuendos and double entendres. The main pitfall was the unfortunate lack of audience; CLT was only half full, with a large part of the audience being the participants themselves. An amusing break from the event was provided by the ineptitude of the “best and brightest engineers of India” to fix the circuit for the buzzers.

The final results were as follows :

1st Place: Lighter – Tapti
2nd Place: Biba – Mandak
3rd Place: DAS – Ganga
4th Place: Bonnie – Saras
5th Place: Pranathi – Sharav (freshie)

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