Litsoc Review: Creative Writing Solo



Five entries won prizes in the Individual Creative Writing of last years Litsoc, a supplement to the Hostelwise CW competition (group). The following are the prizewinning stories:

1. Siddharth (Tapti)
2. Vaishali (Sharavati)
(The Nocturnal Adventures of Wishsong)
3. Aju Basil James, Tapti
(The Account of Rajesh Vijaybhaskar M.Sc)
4. P.K.Aditya, Narmada
(Failure to Communicate)
5. Midhun, Pampa
(Wishsong And The Downfall Of The Faerie Realm)

We do not present the winning entry here as it is being published. Reader’s reviews are welcome.

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