Elections 2014


It’s election season again, and the date of voting is close: both the Students’ General Election and the elections for the Hostel Councils of all the hostels will take place on Tuesday, the 18th of March. You can find the manifestos and detailed writeups of all contesting candidates on the students’ portal at http://students.iitm.ac.in/home/#/elections/. Electoral reforms, most notably the Right to Reject candidates, have been introduced this year; you can understand them better by reading our handy FAQ at https://www.t5eiitm.org/2014/03/electoral-reforms-2014-an-faq/.

Candidates for the institute-wide posts have also prepared video manifestos. The links are listed out at the bottom of this article. T5E strongly urges students to go through candidates’ manifestos and videos, and vote wisely and responsibly. You can also get an idea of how many of these election-time promises made are actually carried out by looking at our series of Manifesto Reviews of last year’s Secretaries at https://www.t5eiitm.org/2014/03/manifesto-reviews/.

Video Manifestos for the General Body Elections:

Students’ General Secretary
Hostel Affairs Secretary
Academic Affairs Secretary
Sports Secretary
Cultural Affairs Secretary (Literary)
International – Alumni Relations Secretary
Co-Curricular Affairs Secretary

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