Corona Chronicles Part 1: Art

Design: Shreethigha Ganeshan

On the 22nd of May, T5E put out a call for submissions, called ‘Corona Chronicles’. The aim was to capture this strange moment in history through your eyes – the students. We were overwhelmed by the response, we received dozens of submissions from students across years, programmes, and backgrounds. In this first part, in no particular order, we feature the best of the art entries – sketches, cartoons, paintings, and photographs. Entries were selected on the basis of creativity, originality, and relevance.

To start off is a cartoon by Saishree Kota. Saishree is a second-year undergraduate student from the Chemical Engineering department. She prefers to spend her spare time with her close ones and yeah, not to mention her strive for exploring and learning new things. In one line, she tries to live her life without regrets.

Next, is a photograph by Nimish Gupta. Nimish is a first-year undergraduate student from the Engineering Design department. In their spare time, Nimish finds his abode in abstract photography and recreating them. He believes that each photograph has a story to tell, and the ability to recite that lays in the hands of a creative designer.

“This is an ambassador that is parked right in front of my house. I found it interesting and thought of taking a click of it. Later I edited it and also tried to do a cover page kind of thing.”

Next, we have a sketch from Deeksha. Deeksha is a second-year Master’s student from the Chemistry department. In her spare time, Deeksha loves to explore the world around her via impressive and natural artwork. Currently, she is trying her hand at sketching to kill time during the lockdown. 

“These sketches are drawn by me and my sister in quarantine. They are not great but taught me to have inner peace”

Next, we have a painting entry from Shreethigha Ganeshan. Shreethigha is a first-year MA student from the Humanities and Social Sciences department. Shreethigha enjoys drawing and painting until her eyes give out and in her spare time, contemplates existential philosophy. Currently, she’s trying her hand at digital art and animation and is attempting to finish reading all the untouched novels in her cupboard.

“I don’t miss it all much. We have paused, not exited. I know we’re all going to be outside and together one day and things are going to look better someday. But until then, time out.”

Then, we have a sketch from Arvind Car. Arvind is a first-year student from the mechanical engineering department. In his spare time, Arvind enjoys playing football, singing (when not a soul is around to listen), and watching his friends get all worked up over his attempts at self-deprecating humour. During the lockdown, he has turned to art, in an effort to stave away mind-numbing boredom.

Finally, we have a digital art entry from Navaneeth M S. Navaneeth is a second-year undergraduate student from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. In his spare time, he loves to make memes and to call his friends at odd hours. Currently, he is contemplating finishing the novel he started this year.

“This is basically how my room looks like now with all assignments, submission, deadlines and all”

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