Manifesto Reviews 2015-16: Abhishek Sharma, International and Alumni Relations Affairs Secretary

Abhishek’s tenure has seen the start of quite a few long-term programmes and the restructuring of the committee. Proposals such as the I&AR Student Council Rulebook which states the role and duties of every member of the team and the proposal to continue the branding of the institute, this time via domestic events such as Shaastra, Saarang, CFI and so on

VACATION GUIDE: Quirky Hobbies! (Part 1)

The novelty of the holidays is fading fast and the question is in everyone’s minds- what do I do? Over-bearing and pompous aunts might imperiously state that so much time is not meant to be wasted and reel off the usual list- read, write, draw, sing, paint, and so on. Kindly uncles might suggest starting a side-career as a philatelist. Fond parents might suggest the Classical arts. However, none of them seem to appeal. We know what we don’t want, but not what we want.