Team Speaks: Weightlifting

For most of us, weightlifting is a Pandora’s box. We call them the incredible hulks of the institute and admire their poised muscle power but knowing anything beyond that is a rarity. In order to break this monotony, we decided to get to know these macho men better and more importantly what exactly goes into the making of these skilled professionals. Dive in to know more about this glorious and off-beat sport.

Team Speaks: Football

The football team that goes by the name “The Wolves” has had to overcome numerous injury worries this year and with the tight placement schedule for a majority of the team members, practices haven’t been as regular as the captain would’ve liked. However, with the discovery of a set piece taking gem, the team has a new scoring outlet and the team looks more confident than ever to win it for all the veterans who’ve given it their everything all throughout their institute life.
Shaswat Mohanty presents an all-round analysis of “The Wolves” in the third article of the Inter-IIT series.

Team Speaks: Basketball

The 51st Inter IIT Sports Meet to be held at Kanpur is just a few days away. Teams at IIT Madras are sweating it out day and night in order to make training drills and tactics part of their muscle and memory. T5E in this series of article brings some of the inside news from all the institute teams. In this first article of the series, Aneesh Salelkar presents snippets from his interview with the Men’s and women’s basketball team

Are we ready?

The unanticipated December 2015 floods in Chennai put not only the city’s but also the Institute’s disaster management and mitigation measures to test. After the recent warnings of an approaching cyclone, we decided to talk to the authorities in order to gauge the preparedness of the institute to tackle such worst circumstances if they arise. In the following article, we compile the comments by the chairman of CCW, Professor K Sethupathi and Retd. Col. Jayakumar (Joint Registrar, students) along with a few insights from the placement team.