Living through the cyclone

The cyclone Vardah had struck and it had certainly made its presence felt in the institute. With several of the beloved trees uprooted and things in general shaken pretty badly , it was a reportedly harrowing experience. On the brighter side, electricity is restored and normalcy is getting restored too. In this article, Paravthi puts together a lighter take on things. Which much seems to be the need of the hour.

Team Speaks: Athletics

“Athletics needs more publicity, whatever I have achieved in insti, I have achieved only because of athletics. Even though I have played many team sports, the fighting spirit that I have is because of athletics. I became the Sports Secretary last year mainly because of my experience of being in the athletics team” recounts Bipin, loyally vouching for better years to come for the Institute’s athletics culture.”
Soorya G presents snippets of the interview with the Athletics Team from IIT-M for 51st Inter-IIT Sports Meet.