“I would imagine going to the reporting arena, sitting there, waiting for my chance, going to the pool, climbing the starting block, hearing the whistle and finishing. I’ll be the first.” – An inspiring talk with Sebastian Xavier

Adit Ravi talks to Sebastian Xavier, the fastest Indian swimmer for over a decade till his record was broken in 2009. He has 36 medals…

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The Tricks of Tread

Inter-IIT is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to me. And hopefully, to all of you participating in the Meet. More than winning medals, I have treasured those moments of laughter and of despair, cherished train-journeys across the nation, “exposing” juniors to the seniors of other teams, “thulping” food at the gala dinner, dwelling on the chances of finding a soul-mate, and acquiring the wisdom that no matter whether you or your team win or lose, the sport always wins.