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Posts published in January 2013

सिकुड़ता गणतंत्र

...जब देश के महामहिम एक विदेशी अतिथि के सामने अपने देश के वैभव-सम्पन्नता का दिखावा कर रहे होंगे तब विदर्भ का एक किसान आत्म-हत्या करने के लिए अपने गले में रस्सी डाल रहा होगा...

The Need For Rationality

In contrast to a previously held Extra Mural Lecture about ‘Vedic Sciences’, on Wednesday (23th January), the EML team organized a lecture on the ‘Need…

Ramesh Srivats Speaks to T5E: Exclusive Interview

“Armchair thinker, excessive drinker, occasional writer, wants to be lighter” is how you would know Ramesh Srivats, an alumnus of IIT Madras, who has more…

Intellectual Warfare : The IIT Madras Confluence 2013

The IIT Madras Confluence, held at IC&SR auditorium, heralded the beginning of an intellectual warfare that envisioned ‘igniting the imagination’ of approximately 15,000 students who are expected to participate in Shaastra 2013.

The IIT Madras Student Research Magazine

Shaastra 2013 and The Fifth Estate in a joint initiative, are proud to present the first ever edition of the IIT Madras Student Research Magazine.