We’re hiring correspondents!

The Fifth Estate is hiring new correspondents for the Jan-May 2018 semester. Although we’re not looking for editors right now, exceptional applicants for editorial positions will be considered. 
What does T5E do?: T5E is led by the Executive Editor who works with teams of editors, photographers, designers and WebOps specialists. T5E’s objectives are manifold — we publish reports on major events and new policies on campus, surveysreviews of institute facilities, analyses of institute secretaries, interviews and talksOpinion articles by readers (called Op-Eds), and much more. If you’d like a comprehensive understanding of all that T5E does, have a look at our archive on the website here and our Facebook page here. T5E also publishes Immersean annual hard-copy magazine of research done in insti.            
What will you do as a correspondent for T5E?: T5E correspondents work with the editorial team to produce the high-quality content that T5E is famous for. Correspondents are allowed significant flexibility to work on topics that interest them; if you can write well and are interested in a sphere of insti life (tech, sports, Lit/Cul, acads, research, etc), we strongly encourage you to apply. To be eligible for a certificate from T5E, correspondents are required to write a minimum of two articles per semester — you can be from any department, batch or branch. 
How to apply?Fill this form by 23:59 on February 9thFriday. The final decision will be made after an interview of shortlisted applicants. If you have any questions, join this WhatsApp group and ask us.  

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