The SNet Energy Survey: 8th Nov


The Sustainibility Network and the Environmental Concious Group (of NSS family) had planned a survey of the electrical appliances used in the hostel zones. This study was to help them get a better look at where exactly hostels like Jamuna, with comparitively high power consumptions, err.

The Suvey was conducted on Sunday, the 8th of November, between 3 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon. The survey asked for information like the electrical appliances in one’s room and their company or any other identification so that the power consumption could be rated. All the information provided was confidential and therefore the results shall not be released on T5E. The results from these will aid in planning of the hostel requirements in order to have a reduced power consumption.

Here are some of the statistics they presented at the meeting for the NSS volunteers held right before the survey:

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