The Posters Issue: Response from the Mitr Chief Advisor


by Prof. Arul Jayachandran, Chief Advisor, Mitr

First of all, I would like to thank T5E for bringing out one of the issues in the spectrum of things that can churn out thoughts of misinterpretation in students. It is not the “insensitivity” on the part of MiTR as portrayed in the article in T5E, but the good intents of MiTR going awry, which is the centre of the issue. MiTR in fact has its mission to see to it that no student in IITM campus suffers in silence for want of tender human intervention. We are also alive to the students’ aspirations and MiTR started removing posters suo moto after it received comments of misinterpretation from students. Later I personally requested the Cores to see to it that all such posters are removed. MiTR is also planning to meet professionals to learn how portrayal of certain features may not deliver the desired results. This is to make us more prudent in our future campaigns. Notwithstanding all these, I personally extend my regret to the student community if the portrayal of the message by MiTR on suicide prevention has caused any misconceptions in the eyes of the beholder.

Thank you all once again and in case of need, please avail the following channels of help from MiTR:

  • One2One counselling at Library 3rd Floor
  • Telecounselling (04422575555)
  • Meeting the Chief Advisor/DoST
  • Visiting MiTR website

This Op-Ed is a response to this Editorial.

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