The IITM Quiz Club


The Quiz Club was founded sometime in the 1980s and is one of the oldest LitSoc clubs on campus. Popularly known as the QC, it counts many distinguished alumni amongst its former members, including the current director of insti. But its claim to fame is certainly not based solely on its former members- last year, it was crowned the best quiz club at Nihilanth, the annual inter IIT-IIM quiz championship.

As a club convener points out, it is one of the most financially rewarding clubs in insti, with prize money as high as Rs.1 lakh for some quizzes.

IITM Quiz Club at Nihilanth 2013

The QC has monthly meetings where quizzes set by newer members are run. Events during Saarang and Shaastra include the Buzzer Quiz, Biz Quiz, Lone Wolf (an all-nighter in the OAT), India Quiz, SpEnt (Sports and Entertainment) Quiz, the How Things Work quiz and the ScEnt (Science and Entertainment) quiz. The corresponding LitSoc and TechSoc events are also conducted over the course of the year. The club’s flagship event is the IITM Open Quiz, which sees huge participation from teams from all over the country.  A quiz fest is being planned for the month of February. A QuizUp! championship may also be in the works.

Most of the information regarding the club’s activities is dispensed on its (extremely active) Facebook page. Additionally, look out for IPs on your hostel boards for information about events. Don’t worry if you’ve never quizzed before, as amateurs are always welcome.

The club conveners are Rushabh Menon (9791057815) and Siddharth Srikanthan (9940045091)

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