The Chronicles of a Muggu – bhOndOO


It is that time of the year when the T5E team is busy studying for the end semester examinations and the T5E website is in danger of remaining static. Fortunately, a guest writer, who claims to be a student researcher at IIT Madras, has graciously agreed to keep it updated with posts about his life at IIT Madras.




The Naming Ceremony


All of you are cordially invited to the naming ceremony of our hero — the student researcher — at SAC. It takes too long to type -t-h-e- -s-t-u-d-e-n-t- -r-e-s-e-a-r-c-h-e-r-. Therefore, he is getting renamed to (any guesses?) bhOndOO, which literally means non-intellectual. The name perfectly matches his occupation and perfectly relates to what he has done all his life.

But, the name is very paradoxical as it contains the appropriate characters representing the hero named -b-O-n-d-. The difference of capitalization in the name is deliberate. The first reason is to make it easy for the reader to pronounce it and the second is to give a surprise to the reader’s eyes.


Find the first post by bhOndOO here.


All the articles to be published in this series are adapted from the blog named ‘iisc life. Life of a Student Researcher – bhOndOO’, composed by Prof. Rupesh Nasre (CSE) as a student. We are re-sharing these articles, after making small modifications, for a light-hearted read during the end-semester examination period. bhOndOO warns you against reading the blog yourself as he believes that it is addictive enough to spoil your study plans. Let him pick the best articles for you instead.


About the Author

Dr. Rupesh is an Assistant Professor in the CSE department at IIT Madras. He completed his PhD from IISc Bangalore and Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focus is on Compilers and Parallelization. He was part of VOICES, the IISc newsletter as a student.


Note: All the stories published in this series are works of fiction. bhOndOO and the other characters in the stories bear no reference to real individuals.

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