TechSoc Main Quiz


This 27th evening saw CLT brimming with skilled and enthusiastic quizzers for one of the most important quizzing event of Tech Soc, the ‘Tech Soc Main Quiz’. Few teams which made it late to the event ensured that the event follows the ‘Insti Standard Time’ as they say, with the event flagging off around 6.30 PM.

A large turnout of 60 teams participated, with each team having up to 3 members. The Preliminary round was written, where the teams had to answer 25 questions. Whilst questions on Pop culture and gaming were bagged in, the rest popped up from the world of memes, movies, sci-fi, science, math, engineering and geek culture keeping the participants occupied. With the cut-off at 11.5, a total of 8 teams were then shortlisted for a final round, where the teams were given 34 infinite bounce questions clubbed with themed rounds on memes and video games, a few Short Visual Connects (SVCs) along with some Long Visual Connects (LVCs), to fight it out to the top.

Some freshie teams also managed to make their mark in the insti quizzing scene by qualifying and placing in the final round. The result sheet that saw a few new names along with some permanent ones toppling between the top positions, looked as follows:

1ST Place Advaith Mohan (Pampa), Jayadev (Mandak), Swaroop (Tapti)
2nd Place Joseph Joseph (Jamuna), Sanjay BJ (Jamuna), Varun Joshi (Alak)
3rd Place Sai Mali (Saras), Arijith Bannerjee (Saras), Prashanth V (Saras)
4th Place (All 3 are freshies) Aravinda Bharathi (Alak), Srikiran (Alak), Akshay Krishna (Jamuna)
5th Place Arun Nair (Narmad), Arjun Bhagoji (Alak), Athreya (Tambi)

The questions for prelims and finals of the event can be downloaded here:

TMQ Finals


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