Techsoc: Contraptions


by Jatin Mandawat

CNTTech-soc 2011-2012 commenced with Contraptions, held on 22nd of September with a total of 10 hostels (Alak, Tambi, Sharav, Tapti, Narmad, Godav, Ganga, Mandak, Saras and Jam) competing to get a head start. The event provided the first years a good chance to witness the Technical scenario of the institute.

The problem statement this year was pretty challenging when compared to last years and required an ample amount of effort to be put in. Each team was allowed two trials, with most of the teams performing better in the second. Being the hardest, only a few teams were able to complete the Reversible module. Many of the teams worked to improvise on the Energy module which was the easiest.

The event started around 6 P.M. at SAC with the hostels setting up their innovative designs. Saras and Godav had impressive themes. Alak had a simple, yet elegant setup whereas Narmad had very intrinsic design. Mandak’s contraption attracted a lot of speculation. Tapti and Jam managed to incorporate numerous steps pertaining to their large 1st year strength. Ganga performed well in their first trial completing most of the steps.

First position was bagged by Narmada hostel with Alak and Ganga finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The large turnout for the this event gave a promising start to Tech-Soc this year.

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