Tech Soc Main Quiz


The evening of the 24th of February saw PhLT fill up like the food court at 12.00 in the afternoon. Brimming with enthusiastic students, it was the venue of the TechSoc Main Quiz. Usually, the Quiz is a victim of delays and a general lack of organization but this year the quiz, which was to be held at 7.30, started just 10 minutes late. The event in general was divided into two sessions – a preliminary qualification, which was open for all, and the final round, where the top six teams of the former round competed. The qualification round was in written format. Teams of up to 3 members were allowed. The teams had to answer questions projected on to the most accessible white wall in the hall, which has sort of become an IIT stereotype. Though the students were aplenty, leaking out from the over-stressed benches, the questions were limited to 20. Whilst internet browsers and websites grabbed their quota in the themes for the questions, sci-fi classics Star Wars and Star Trek, wacky innovations and pseudo anti-pop culture channels filled in the rest. A half an hour break gave way to the final round that lasted for over an hour. Even a person affiliating himself with quizzing circles wouldn’t find it hard to admit that the questions were tough, and generally well set. The questions were not confined to any repetitiveness, nor was their placement revealing of any pattern. One interesting quiz-setting attempt was the theme Transformers coded into a panorama of images giving out character names. The round in general saw the room fill out with the overflowing adrenaline of a certain long-haired contestant from Tamraparani, whose team outwitted a group of sophomores by a whisker to claim the title.

Despite certain troubles like the display being too small for an average crowd and the informal atmosphere plaguing the event, the quiz was better organized than usual. All in all, it was an evening
well spent and a night absorbed in wiki-ing all the topics laid bare. The results of the Quiz are :
1st place : Srivats V (Tambi), Anubhav B (Godav), Swaroop R (Tapti)(Freshie)
2nd place : Jayadev B (Mandak)(Freshie), Vivek P (Saras), Akshay R (Alak)
3rd place : Sanjay BJ (Jam), Vinay K Sridhar (Alak), Varun Joshi (Alak)
4th place : Naveen Karthik (Godav), Sriram Srikant(Godav), Vinay Hegde (Pampa)
5th place : Achuth V (Narmad), Dilshad R (Narmad),Vinit Unni (Narmad)
6th place : Vinayak Sapru (Pampa), Kaushk Reddy (Pampa), Raghav Iyengar (Jam)

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