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The practice of combining two areas as vast as Sports and Entertainment for the purpose of conducting a quiz may baffle a few, but is an IITM tradition. The SpEnt Quiz usually sees the largest participation among the plethora of quizzes LitSoc has to offer, and this year’s edition of the event held on March 10th at PhLT was no different. The prelim saw an eclectic mix of questions that were relatively straightforward, resulting in the cut-off being a wee bit on the higher side. Very few teams cracked the innovative questions involving ‘Jihad rap’ and the logo of a charity foundation. Internet memes, which are fast becoming one of the tenets of insti quizzes also found their place.

The final involving the top eight teams probably set the record for being the longest ever in the recorded history of LitSoc. Nevertheless, three gruelling hours of infinite bounce, theme rounds and visual connects (and a paltry audience) did not deter the enthusiasm of the participants. The allowance of the ‘pounce’ rule, where teams can answer a question not directed at them for a bonus but at the risk of having points docked off, gave a lively feel to the quiz. As any SpEnt enthusiast would know, participants were often left scratching their heads as to how a question seemingly from the world of sports had a completely tangential answer from say, Hollywood.

Nearly midnight by the time the last question was cracked, it was the team from Pampa that walked away with the top honours in an extremely high scoring quiz that could have swung either way among the top two. The results:

1st- Advaith, Wobbly and Tyu from Pampa
2nd- Jayadev (Mandak), Swaroop (Tapti), Sandeep Menon (Tambi)
3rd- Tempo (Godav), Vinayak (Godav), Prateek (Tambi)
4th- Service(Jam), Samadhi( Jam), Varun Joshi (Alak)
5th- Anand Rao (Alak), Preshant (Tapti), Prashant (Mandak)
6th- JoJo (Jam), Suraj Nair (Tapti), TP Kurian (Tapti)
7th- Achuth (Narmad),
8th- Bhavin, Thakre (Freshie) and One by Six from Saras

The questions for prelims and finals of the event can be downloaded here:



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