SLC Exam Survey: A Report

Design by Swati Sheenum

Data collated by Sarvesh Sakhare and Sarvani Cheruvu

This report presents the results of the official survey conducted by the Student Legislative Council (SLC) between 23rd to 31st October, regarding general consensus on the conduction of examinations in TCS iON centres. In pursuit of transparency and public information, the SLC has graciously agreed to publish the complete results of the survey on T5E. 

There was an overwhelming number of responses  – 1873 responses in total, collected through smails and student legislators. 


Distance from Nearest TCS Centre

 Method of Transportation

The data reveals that the commute would also pose a problem for the majority of respondents, as nearly 55% would rely on public modes of transportation. This mode of transportation was not perceived well in terms of safety either.

Time Taken for Commute

COVID Situation

Nearly 55% of respondents reside in areas that have 100 – 1k cases on a daily basis. 

Mental Health and Productivity

60% of all respondents had rated their mental health as 4 or poorer. Productivity did not fare any better, with around 55% of respondents rating it as 4 or less.

Final Results

In conclusion, an overwhelming 94.5% of responses veered towards a clear preference for online endsems over TCS centres, even with proper care. Among multiple concerns raised in the comments section, some issues not covered by the form included the respondents fearing for the well-being of older people at home. Some respondents had also moved back to their homes abroad, and hence have no tangible access to TCS iON centres. 

SLC Resolution and Updates

Based on this survey, the SLC passed a resolution opposing exams in TCS ION centres. It concludes, 

“ With the concept of conducting exams in TCS ION centres, IIT Madras will be putting her students under great risk in terms of mental and physical health as well…Well proctored way of conducting exams from home is very much possible. All the internships and placements are conducted online and students have written their test from their homes safely. So in conclusion, Heavily crowded public transport, daily rise of 100 to 1000 cases, elder family members, cost of travel and distant centres hinder the prospects of conducting exams at TCS ion centres during COVID-19 pandemic, and students are overwhelmingly not in favour of it. Taking this into account, the SLC requests the Administration to reconsider any potential decision of conducting exams at TCS ion centres.”  [Full resolution can be found by in the smail sent by the Interim Speaker on 22nd November]

On the same date, a smail was sent by the Director that mentions: 

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you have to travel as little as possible from your homes.  Towards this, we are requesting centers (schools / NPTEL partner institutions) throughout the country to conduct the exams for us.  By this approach, we have been able to ensure that:

  • 57% of students have to travel around 5 km or less
  • 18% of students have to travel around 5-10 km
  • 8% of students have to travel around 10-15 km, and
  • 9% of the students have to travel 10-20 km.”  

[Full email can be found by in the smail sent by the Director on 22nd November]

It is important to note that TCS ION centres have not been mentioned as exam centres in this mail, but rather ‘(schools / NPTEL partner institutions),’ which may be the reason for the discrepancy in the data.

Further instructions are awaited. 


We would like to give a special thanks to the SLC for their help with this report!

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