Shaastra Preview at Himalaya


by Deepak Sahoo

the arcade exhibition in front of Himalaya

As Shaastra 2011 approaches, organizers are gearing up to ensure its success. To this end an event was conducted at Himalaya as part of internal publicity. Freshers in particular were the target audience. Consisting of hands-on events and exhibitions, the event attracted large crowds during peak hours.

Gamer’s inn was an arcade featuring games for passers-by. According to the organisers, the aim of this setup was to let students enjoy tech-stuff, without involving them in the complexities of building them. Students gathered to take turns playing maze mania, where the objective was to get the ball from the starting point to the end without letting it fall into trap-holes. Another game called Soccerwar involved players controlling bots, competing to get possession of the ball and score a goal.

The CFI team showcased its past projects at the event. Set up for display were the aero-modelling projects of yesteryears – Want-to-fly 1 & 2, the all-terrain robot that won last year’s DRDO contest, and the car made by FSAE. The team also set into motion the famous Batmobile of Shaastra 2010 to amuse the observers.

Promotional teasers were played at the venue, giving details about upcoming competitions. The event was the largest internal publicity event Shaastra has seen in the last 5 years, according to the organisers.

Shaastra 2011 is scheduled to span over four days – from 29th September to 2nd October and promises to be a bigger, and more elaborate, spectacle.

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