Schroeter Update


Football Schroeter: Stage 1

The first stage of Football Schroeter concluded with eight teams entering a league stage after a quick knockout round. The individual matches yielded the following results:

(winning team) – (losing teampen)
Alakananda – Brahmaputra (walkover)
Narmada – Krishna (1-1,penalty)
Saraswati – Tamraparani (1-1,penalty)
Godavari – Sindhu (3-1)
Mandakini – Mahanadi (4-0)
Jamuna – Cauvery (7-1)
Tapti – Pampa (3-0)

Ganga recieved a bye, being defending champions. The 8 teams that qualified enter two pools in a league stage for the league stage matches that are being staged this month:
Pool A: Godavari, Alaknanda, Tapti, Ganga
Pool B: Jamuna, Mandakini, Tamraparini, Narmada

Basketball Schroeter Report

The first round of Basketball Schroeter concluded by the end of February, when two teams from each of the four pools got through to the next stage.
From pool A, defending champions Pampa, along with Krishna, qualified ahead of Tambi hostel which has been showing an active presence in this year’s sporting events thanks to first year participation. Challengers Saras also qualified together with Ganga from group C. Jamuna and Mahanadi from group B, and Mandak and Godav from group D completes the list of hostels entering the quarterfinals, held in early March. The semis and finals will be held after a hiatus in early April.

Volleyball First Round Schroeter

The preliminary stage of volleyball schroeter was held from 1st to 4th February during the evenings. Godavari eased into the next stage without dropping any of their games. Ganga, too emulated this cleanweep. All of the other qualifiers won two out of three games. Alakananda, Pampa and Jamuna were helped on the way by walkover wins against Brahmaputra and Cauvery. The hostels that entered the second stage are Godavari, Ganga, Alak, Pampa, Jamuna, Saras, Tapti and Mahanadi. The second stage pairings and match dates shall be announced shortly.

Cricket First Round Schroeter

The first stage of knockout matches, ending on the fifth of February, were organised by splitting hostels into 8 groups with 2 hostels each. All matches were played as per the Twenty20 format. One hostel was selected per group. Tapti, Ganga, Jamuna, Cauvery, Godavari and Alak proceeded to the next stage after winning their games in the weekend leading up to Saarang, while Sindhu and Mandak finished their games this weekend and took their places in one of the two pools. The second stage will be conducted in a league format, with each team playing against the other three teams in their pool. These matches are being held in the first two weeks of february.

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