Paw Patrol: An Ode to Insti Pets

Edited by L Calvin

Photo Credits: Kiran Anil, Rohini Dikshit, Janani Balaji and Shatabdi Deori

Recently it appeared in the news that following the recommendations of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), IIT-M evacuated all dogs to a dog park inside the campus so as to protect the wildlife within (read more about it here:

Of course reading it set this correspondent off on a nostalgia trip at 3 AM looking for cat pictures from insti. Soon it became a shared exercise reminiscing about the pets that had gotten many of us through a rough day. Just to plaster a teary smile on our drained faces (and make you miss insti more), T5E brings to you a compilation of some of the cutest floof content!

Devil or Angel? A cutie who follows you around if she likes you enough, but is also known to scratch people who try to pet her

Brownie, the courageous dog. Sarayu’s pet and a hero to lady guards because of his superior powers in helping them stay away from snakes during night walks. 
PS: Beware, he is known to bark at any guy who enters the hostel premises.

With a singular lack of imagination, he was named so because he could be found frequently nuzzled up in the cycle baskets at Sarayu.

Meet Pushpa!
She likes to watch people. You can find this one cuddled up in the most random corners in Sharav and she does not appreciate being judged for her napping abilities.

Unidentified cuddly kitties who are known to nap on your lap for half an hour or more if you just let them.

Joe – dog you would have spotted loitering around Usha – using his charm
to acquire food. He has high tastes and has a predilection for Masala Dosa.
Common biscuits are not up to his standard and he only eats tea biscuits.

Unidentified SAC cat who watched the Choreo team’s Saarang practice with enthu. And sampled all of their lunch (especially fond of chicken).

Going to bed everyday at 10 PM and telling myself I’ll wake up early and
have a productive day.

Orange cat that lives near Prime.

“We’ll go back to insti next sem”

Having the 1093840495th existential crisis of the day.


“Please switch on your video”

Me: Things will go back to normal by October 

Fourth wave:

Attempting to attend an online 8 AM.

“Act Natural”

I had 192039 assignments to do, but I took a nap instead.

Surveying the damage after you accidentally switch on the camera.

“Side Quest Alert”

Cat on a Not-Tin Roof

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