Meet The End

Arya lived life large. Arya was also the kind that made you think you were one tiny bad move away from surprisingly having your nose broken.


Life hadn’t been all merry and well. To be so blunt, it had been starkly contrasting. Arya, first of the Gaitondes to have a gender-neutral name, had found it quite a nuisance to carry around her shiny pointy dagger with her, what with all the nerds exasperatingly sighing and forcefully exhaling through the nose at how badly their once director-duo-in-shining-armour had botched their favourite television series so that they could go on and botch their favourite movie series. Life indeed had been nearing endsems.


Endsems Are Coming.


Endsems Are Coming.


It had sounded wittier when they initially came up with their cult’s saying, motto even. You could analyse it potently, bring in more like-minded maniacs and call it a case study, and add it on your profile as a data analytics project, but find no fault in the statement. One, it was true, endsems were indeed approaching. Two, refer one. Three, isn’t recursion amazing? Their motto had come into prominence since the first set of quizzes. With the subtle caution, implied warning, and superordinary ability of prediction, all else was put on hold to prepare for the winter. The elders had prophesied that the winter would be harsh.


Winter arrived, harshly, and devastated all. There were a few smug thick-skins that survived unscathed, but more devastating than their existence had been the fact that the motto sounded like an utter load of shite now. Endsems had come. What now? No help? The whole point was to be able to go, “I told yah so!” Really? This took quite some time to justify to the outside and heal on the inside.


It all passed quickly. A month of snoozing and good food tended to do that. It was time to masquerade as a forge worker and forge others’ workshop documents.


Saarang would come upon soon. Arya would go into all the quizzes with her team, the A Cup-illa Aryans. She’d adopted a new motto. If you can’t bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.



Events and tenses were accurate at the time of writing.

Editors assume no liability for Saarang sneaking upon like a cat.

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