LitSoc Scrabble


For all those who think IIT-ians are great only with technology, we have just one suggestion: watch the Scrabble competition unfold! The 25th of October saw the various hostels fight it out at LitSoc Scrabble, which kicked off at around 9:30 am at SAC in an atmosphere buzzing with energy and excitement.

The Scrabble competition, although not very high scoring in terms of LitSoc points, is still one of the eagerly awaited events of the year, with ten, eight and six points for the first, second and third positions respectively. Teams of two members compete with one another in a knockout competition. The competition started with 8 teams, which were selected after preliminary rounds, and 2 coordinator teams.

With some excellent teams competing against each other, it was clear that this was going to be a tough and long battle, and being amidst so much energy was great fun for observers and participants alike. The rounds started with Saras scoring heavily and crushing the other teams in the first two rounds. Tapti and Jam also won their 1st and 2nd rounds very easily. As the event approached its 3rd round, Tapti continued its winning streak, but Saras lost in their 3rd round which was a blow to their chances of winning.

Nearing the final round, Tapti emerged as the favourites for winning the event. At around 7:30 pm, there were shouts of joy from the winners and a hushed silence from the rest as the event finally drew to a close. In the final tally, Tapti stood first, Jam came second and Saras put up a good fight to finish third.

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