LitSoc Revamped: What Is The New Format?

With the virtual hostel allocations out, LitSoc is set to begin with a revamped format this year. The previous LitSoc editions had an overall championship cup that was awarded to the hostel with the maximum points on the leaderboard, accumulated from across all events. This year, LitSoc will happen in two phases – odd and even semester phases, and the events will be split into three buckets. The revamp is instated to recognize hostels performance in particular areas, addressing issues of skewed talent across hostels. 

Each bucket will have a cup – the Creative Arts cup, the Literary Arts cup and the Performing Arts cup – along with the Overall Championship cup. The Creative Arts bucket will include events conducted by the Media Club, the Fine Arts Club, the Design and VFX Club, the E-Sports club, and the Lifestyle Club. The Literary Arts bucket will consist of events conducted by Quiz Club, Word Games Club, Oratory Club, and Writing Club. Events conducted by Choreo Club, Drama Club, Music Club, Comedy Club and Classical Arts Club will fall under the Performing Arts bucket. Informals Club events will be counted as a bonus for the Overall Championship. 

A call for Literary Representatives will be out soon, as hostel elections remain pending.  

LitSoc is all set to begin in the new format, and may the odds be ever in your favour. 

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