LitSoc Monoacting, 2009-10


Why are bullets bullet-shaped? Apparently not because of aerodynamics or anything of that sort. The reason one of the actors at mono-acting on Thursday gave set everyone in the CLT laughing their heads off, but unfortunately, it had to be censored out of this blog.

One of the most hilarious stories of God and Creation, delivered by a supposed Tamilian Preacher, had God insisting that He had created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve. Homophobic or not, the audience loved the parody. But comedy was not all. Mistake, of Jamuna, won the third place with a performance worthy of John Travolta in The Taking of Pelham 123, playing a man hired to ruthlessly shake up the employees of a company gone to seed. PoJo from Saras was right there with his declaration and subsequent explanation of why he was the baddest villain of them all. Rihan of Sharav won the competition portraying vivid frustration of a fictional character whose every move is controlled by the will of its writer. Done with just a touch of humour, it had as much of acting as of reciting.

More than one performance touched upon people labelled insane, and a couple of these got the audience right into the mood. So did the performance of a piece from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and one from 1984. Wild cheers went to an advocate of the huge benefits of Weed over Alcohol, for his comment that Weed is the one thing that can bind MAs and B.Techs everywhere.

A few performers who could have had better enunciation, made up for it by expression, while some others¬ only spoke and didn’t act. A piece from Julius Caesar slightly surprised the audience by not being a parody, but the real thing. One performance towards the end used a shocking amount of A-rated content, and there were as many gasps at this as laughs.

If you don’t count the occasional dry monologue, most of the performances were pretty much in character, and some of them had humour to rival the stuff in any sitcom (actually, some of the lines were straight out of sitcoms). At the end of the day, the good stuff more than made up for the not-so-good, and most of the audience loved the show.

In the end, the Eight Great actors were –

Rihan, PoJo and Mistake
Rihan, PoJo and Mistake
1. Rihan (Sharavathi)
2. Pojo (Saraswati)
3. Mistake (Jamuna)
4. Lighter (Tapti)
5. SOS (Saraswati)
6. Duck (Tapti)
7. Mika (Tamraparani)
8. DAS (Ganga)

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